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video poker

Generally, online casino industry is known for its lesser skills based games, like slots, craps, roulettes and other similar games, yet there’re few games which are typical offline casino games and to explore their massive popularity, online casinos began offering them via their online infrastructure. Poker is one these highly popular casino games which is known as game of skilled players. Simply speaking, poker is a game of cards construction where every player eyes on collecting highest valued cards to defeat his opponents. Online video poker is the online answer to offline poker, but with limited features coz video poker is basically a five cards drawn poker while offline poker is normally based on community cards model where every player has even access to community cards to choose from. It depends upon his gaming skills and intelligence how he manages to build a superior hand ranking. Continue reading

Blackjack is an oldest casino’s card game with millions of fans around the world. Traditionally, it was considered as a serious players game who love the silence, but now, even casual players start learning Blackjack basics and winning tips. Basically, Blackjack is the most universal casino game known to every gambler around the world. Broadly speaking, Blackjack has a simple gameplay wherein only objective is to beat the dealer with higher hand ranking cards without exceeding total hand ranking value: 21 – which is called bursting, if exceeds. Secondly, Blackjack considers cards at their face values except ten and face cards, coz these cards are considered at ‘10.’ Strategically, every Blackjack hand is played with multiple decks of 52 cards, yet highest probability still lies for dealing at least one ten valued card. Out of thirteen cards, four cards valued at 10, i.e., 30% chances are a player would get at least one ten valued card. Further, Ace can either be taken as 1 or 11 according to the requirements. Continue reading

Slots is one of the fastest playing online games, which take almost few seconds to complete one betting session. This way, every player can play maximum betting rounds in shortest span of time. Nowadays, there’re numerous slots variants available, including a basic three reel slots to many multi reels interactive slots. Higher number of reels increases the game’s excitement by offering extra playing options, and bigger prizes multipliers. Anyways, slots is always a game for fun enthusiasts, no matter if they prefer the low rolling bets or some bigger betting rounds; they can always get a dose of their gaming hunger. Initially, slots games were used to play in their very basic version containing mare three reels and limited payout combinations, but now, due to the fast pace of technology, online casinos have multi reels slots games containing as high as twenty reels. So, it’s a matter of player’s priorities to choose a right kind of slots game to enjoy the slots experience with maximum pleasure! Continue reading